Fearful Symmetry

Fearful Symmetry is a UK progressive music ensemble, studio-based. Style: blending early classic prog, rock, classical, jazz, world music.

The Difficult Second is the follow-up album to the debut Louder Than Words released in 2019, which was co-written with Jeremy Shotts under the banner Fearful Symmetry. Musically the band just wanted to create an album that reflected all the great music they have listened to over the years. They had a handful of guest musician friends add their talents to half of the tracks on the first release, but this second album is written, composed and produced by Suzi, with a song lyric and much appreciated support from Jeremy. Although mainly a guitarist, on this latest album Suzi plays a variety of instruments, and was joined by singer Yael Shotts and drummer Sharon Petrover, who both featured on the first album.
Title: The Difficult Second
Style: Progressive rock/Crossover/Fusion
(rock, jazz, symphonic, world)
Country: England
Label: Distrokid
Release Date: July 15, 2022
Recorded by Fearful Symmetry
Format: Digipack CD
Mixed and mastered by Suzi James
Artwork © Suzi James & Print design Pat Sanders
Lyrics © Suzi James (& Jeremy Shotts on Warlords)


Suzi James - Guitars, basses, keyboards, mandolin, violin, oud, darbuka.
Yael Shotts - Vocals and their arrangements.
Sharon Petrover - Drums and drum arrangements.